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Hey hey...!
My name is Madeline, but most call me Maddie (or Mady, if you're Starbucks).
I don't have a middle name because I'm half русскийRussian.

This photo is kind of a joke. My eyebrows never look that good.

Born and [mostly] raised in Santa Barbara, CA, I moved to Seattle, WA, in January 2011 because I had exhausted the Southern California dating pool.

Ha—I kid, I kid.

Once in Seattle I changed my grad school plans from creative writing to nutrition. You'll see bits of both of these passions on Spidatter. Besides witty writing and crazy kitchen times, there is also a fair amount of photography, coffee-making, wine-drinking, yoga-ing, and the forcing of my introverted self to attend social functions so that I can one day have more friends than when I first moved to the Pacific Northwest over a year ago. 

I really try not to over-glamorize my life too much on the blog. It's my belief that no one wins when we put up fake white picket fences around our otherwise messy lives. While I'd love this blog to be steamy nightly recaps of all the hot dates I've been going on (sarcasm), it's a more common picture to have me scavenging for some form of chocolate in my fake Lululemon pants bought at Target while watching New Girl on the couch with my roommates. 
Feel free to join me—I'm currently in-between boyfriends and usually free on the weekends.

Welcome to my creative outfall. I run an open door policy here.