Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day—off to a good start

Good thing I wasn't scheduled to work today or else I wouldn't have been home when our Morgan-Freeman-look-alike mailman knocked on our door, asked me my name, and then told me the Lord had blessed him with the gift of song. 

"I don't mean to offend, young lady, and I don't know if you have a boyfriend in your life, but if you do, he wanted me to tell you this..." His words, not mine.

[By this point all I want to know is where the hidden camera is.]

Then he stood a foot away from my face and serenaded me with this song for a solid minute.  
Longest freaking minute of my life.


True story.
Hope this warms your heart (read: creeps you out) as much as it did me!
Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


Ahn said...

best valentine's day gift ever.

Fit With Flash said...

well... it's more than i got. so congrats. : )

Casey said...

seriously. amazing. warmed heart & creeped out in one foul swoop.

ika said...

your very own real life Mail-o-gram. Should you be thanking U.S.P.S.?

Laura said...

Haha that is excellent! Maybe I should stop answering the door in my PJs!

Adam K said...

hahahahah that's incredible. I'm so glad I hired that guy! Morgan Freeman is surprisingly easy to hire. He's actually sitting next to me right now and narrating everything I'm doing. Honestly, though, thank you for this story. So far it is the highlight of my week. Happy Valentine's Day!

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