Saturday, December 31

game changer

 I'm one of the cool kids now! 

The iPhone 4S is pretty dang cool, but that is another animal.
Be my Instagram buddy (I don't know what to call it...follower? ...friend?).
Username: Madeliiine

I'm also still in Santa Barbara, where it looks like this all the time—

Friday, December 23

Sweet Living

Have you seen the new online magazine Sweet Living yet? It's fantastic! Of course, I'm a tad biased because they're highlighting my yarn snowmen family in their first issue! The editor, Jane Wrigglesworth, contacted me about a month ago, and I absolutely love what they are doing in this up-and-coming publication. It's filled with inspiring ideas and practical solutions for living the sweet life. Check it out!


Tuesday, December 20

free & easy DIY: Christmas wrapping edition

I'm liberal in my definition of "free" here. Essentially, these materials could be free—if you're the type who hoards over-sized skeins of twine and 50-year-old sewing patterns. [Which my family does.]
Otherwise, you can spend $3 at your local Goodwill, and I GUARANTEE you will be able to find the following things: 

-large spools of thread
-old sewing patterns

Then go buy your beautiful friends some Theo chocolate and wrap accordingly. 
You don't need tape or scissors. 
Rip the tissue paper patterns and fold the gifts over themselves a few times. 
Then go to town with the string, rip it off, and tuck it under or knot it when the paper is secure enough.

Love you guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 16

ariel . aerial

Confusing, I'm sure. Both things I love. Yet I think aerial (as in aerial photography) is one of the lousiest words to remember how to spell. I always want to default to ariel...but that's the name of my first favorite mermaid, and my second favorite Footloose star
Then there's the font...Arial. Gag.
The English language is a cruel and heartless thing. 

I think I ate too much sugar today. And by that I mean that I actually ate sugar today. And I've been chemically whacked out since early this afternoon. And that is my justification for the rambling paragraph above that was intended only to intro these aerial photos...

Favorite thing about flying: aerial photography
Least favorite thing about flying: "placing your belongings in the overhead compartment"
Favorite thing about this Saturday: I'M FLYING HOME TO SANTA BARBARA FOR CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 10

pin me

I'll be honest with you. I first jumped on the Pinterest train when it was a brand new and very unheard of thing, but I thought it wouldn't get off the ground. And now it's practically become the ground that the Interweb stands on. At least the parts with good design sense and phenomenal taste. 

I adore Pinterest and the ease of its dainty little "Pin It" button on my browser's Bookmarks Toolbar. It's become like an external segment of my brain, acting as a personal catalog for photography inspiration, recipes, event and styling ideas, crafts, reminders, and all around beautiful things that would normally remain lost forever in my over-clogged Google Reader. 

And it's added new vocabulary to our everyday verbiage, which would otherwise sound fairly stupid. For example, here's a pin from each of my boards:

Max Wanger
Wisteria Wallpaper by Jocelyn Warner
homemade piano
Doug Keyes: double exposure (Statue of Liberty, New York
Crafty craft time
crystal bullet necklace: $310
Soviet Owl
backless sequined black dress
lace back wedding gown
watermelon and strawberry vodka fresh berry mojitos
whole grain pumpkin pancakes
Shawarma lamb w/ couscous salad
pearl barley & puy lentil salad w/ roasted heirloom baby tomatoes, green bans & baby radish
ombre pink rainbow layer cake
really hope they're besties in real life
simple wreath

I have 19 boards and counting right now (too many?). How about you? Let's see 'em!

Thursday, December 8

December desktop

 Thought I'd compile some of the best of the best when it comes to December desktop wallpaper available for free download on the Interweb...

from here

from here
from here

from here

I may have designed one as well, you guys...

Am I too old for this to be currently tiled on my desktop? 
Hey, at least his shirt's on.

Monday, December 5

last Christmas...

This time last year I was with my real family. In California. Holiday-ing it up.

Hey Dad!

Please supply your own captions.
 "Sisters...sisters..." —White Christmas
Dad pole dancing. Mom improv dancing.
Classic Emily face.
 Truth be told, we are a fun bunch.
I have no recollection of where our youngest sister was. Sorry Becks. But you probably found a more traditionally normal family to tag along with by this point.